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Open Research Bases

This is the future home of the Open Research Bases Group! We create template bases for the Open Journals organization of journals to drive reproducible, automated research and software development.


The following open source projects form the open bases:


Where are the bases?

We are putting together the first toy examples that will put together a selection of components from above to generate a fully reproducible generation to publication pipeline! Stay tuned.


Documentation is done with mkdocs because it's easy to write markdown files. If you want to contribute, you can just change the content of the src folder. For details on customization and using the theme, please see the material theme pages.


Here are the dependencies you should install:

pip install mkdocs mkdocs-material click-man

The resulting docs will be built from src into docs. The build and serve happens like this!

mkdocs serve

Then open your browser to


If you want, you can also develop in the container!

docker build -t openbases/ .
docker run --rm -v --port 8000:8000 $PWD/:/code openbases/


Please don't hesitate to reach out and ask us a question, or contribute!